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The first step towards effective treatment is a thorough psychological assessment. A psychological assessment usually involves spending some time talking about your current problems, what has brought you to therapy, and what you would like to change.

At NETS we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of evidence-based psychological therapies. Evidence-based psychological therapies are ones that have been demonstrated to be effective through scientific research. Below is a list of therapies we offer, and you can find further information about all of these therapies via our Links page.

All of the Clinical Psychologists at NETS have completed post-qualification training in supervision skills. Dr Sandy Sachse and Dr Makala Balls both regularly supervise qualified, trainee and assistant psychologists, as well as non-psychologists, as part of their NHS jobs.

As well as direct clinical work, we are able to provide psychological consultancy and training to statutory and non-statutory services, including GPs, housing providers, care agencies, police and ambulance staff, and charities. We can offer bespoke packages based on your needs.

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